Space Shuttle Fuel Tank (ET-94) Move

WCS Permits, along with sister co., Right of Way Inc. assisted the carrier of the Space Shuttle Fuel Tank ET-94 and helped it successfully transport from Marina del Rey to the California Science Center.

A-12 1960s Project

A-12 1960s project paves the way for Oversize Loads by being the first to require special travel permits, a route survey, pilot cars, high security, police escorts and detailed planning.

Oversize Loads

WCS Permits has over 50 seasoned agents to assist you and take the hassle out of obtaining a permit. Our experienced agents know the height, weight and other requirements for each state so your permits are obtained quickly and accurately.

TN I-40 Bridge Replacement

WCS teamed up with the Tennessee Department of Transportation and Barnhart Crane to help with the Fast Fix 8 bridge repair project.

188-Ton Generator

WCS helped move this 188-ton generator and turbine skid unit through Alabama and Florida by providing all the oversize load permits and route surveying and consulting.

Radio Telescope Project

WCS permitted 23 radio telescopes, pieced into 30 loads, from Bristlecone National Forest to the Owens Valley Radio Observatory just Southeast of Bishop

The Rock (Levitated Mass Project)

WCS Permits worked tirelessly for several years with several agencies, LACMA and the giant boulder boulder\'s carrier, Emmert, to transport it from Riverside to Los Angeles. It made its 105-mile journey amongst 11 nights of travel. WCS\' sister company, Right of Way Inc. provided all the traffic and pedestrian control along the route, too. \"Levitated Mass\" exhibit opened Sunday, June 24 at LACMA.

2015 Specialized Transportation Symposium

WCS Permits participated in the 2015 SC&RA Specialized Transportation Symposium at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Ga. as an event sponsor and exhibitor.

Road Train

Several Utah-bound expired steamed generators, considered to be the largest loads transported in CA history at the time, were permitted and moved by WCS and sister co., Right of Way Inc.

Hot Wheels Loop

X Games LA 2012 features an all new Hot Wheels Double Loop--a six-story double vertical loop. WCS permitted several loads to get the loop to the games where stunt drivers will conquer it. The loads transporting these loops and its equipment varied in sizes up to 17-feet wide.